28 October 2008

I had been planning to follow up my Dynamic UIListbox Guide by putting together a set of scripts and a demo module next weekend. However given Rob McGinnis' announcement it looks like I'll be testing the v1.21 Beta instead!

26 October 2008

Of late a lot of my time has been taken up with a major project at work (it had to happen sooner or later) so I've not been able to invest as much time into NWN2 as I would like. Nonetheless I manage to steal a few hours this weekend to finish off the Dynamic UIListbox Guide I started putting together during the v1.13 Beta.

30 July 2008

I've added or updated most of the NWN2 related material, all of which you can find under the appropriate icon. I've also finally added a page about my Footprints System.

27 May 2008

I've uploaded my Conversational Visual Effect Scripts to NWVault.

These are a pair of conversation action scripts which greatly simplify applying or removing almost any Area of Effect (AOE), Special Effect (SEF) and Visual Effect (VFX) to or from any object. Almost all aspects of the process are automatically handled for the user allowing them to focus on what object to affect, what effect to apply and for how long.

18 May 2008

After a protracted beta phase I have finally released my Encountenator plugin to the masses.

I developed the Encountenator in response to a demand request by weby for a less painful means of examining and editing the Creature List from an Encounter blueprint or instance. After five months of incrementally making things more pleasant for a small group of builders I was encouraged to publish it on NWVault even though it isn't anywhere close to being feature complete.

13 May 2008

I've uploaded my Conversational Item Scripts to NWVault.

These are a set of conversation scripts that address a number issues with the standard item-related conditional and action scripts. These new scripts (where appropriate) are stack-aware, allow the builder to specify the category of targets (PC, PC party members or all party members) and allow the builder to specify the location of items (equipped, inventory or both).

05 April 2008

Every now and then fixing someone's problems on the BioBoards results in a new library or system. In NWN1 my Footprints System spawned out of a relatively innocuous question about making it appear like a ghost was walking down a dusty corridor. Yesterday a thread about moving placeables and the solution I developed have inspired me to dabble with an exciting new magic: quaternions.

No sooner had I posted my solution that I started thinking about taking it to the next level and consequently I have started working on a Vector library, a Quaternion library and a Moveables library. While the Quaternion library is just for fun the other two will be the foundation of a new Moveables System which will be published some time after NWN2 v1.13 is released (because the system will require some of the new functionality for the features I want to implement).

09 March 2008

I was looking though my NWN modules and it occurred to me that I had never posted the demo module for my Footprints System that I had promised many months ago. I had thought it was unfinished or lacking documentation however once I blew the dust of it there didn't seem to be anything missing so I promptly uploaded it to NWVault.

04 March 2008

It seems my Item Property Fixes have raised one or two questions!

02 March 2008

Part of the Khalidine Merchant System required me to write a replacement itemproperty system. This system in turn required me to provide a plugin to convert an item's existing itemproperties and/or to add new itemproperties. While developing the plugin I had to clean out the bad data from the two main itemproperty resource files: itempropdef.2da and itemprops.2da.

Skipping forward several months and as a result of a thread in the NWN2 Toolset Forum I have uploaded my ItemProperty Fixes to the NWVault and added a new page to the NWN2 section of this site.

06 February 2008

My World Map Guide was inducted into the NWN2 Hall Of Fame just 12 months after it was first released. I'd like to thank everyone who downloaded, voted for or commented on the Guide.

I hope to have the time, in the not too distant future, to add some new World Map related content to this site and, ultimately, to update the Guide with the MotB information that Obsidian's Charles Mead gave me a sneak peek of last year.

02 January 2008

Something of an inauspicious start to the New Year!

Having accepted the position of Lead Programmer with another development team a few days earlier, I officially resigned from as Khalidine developer yesterday only to get fired from the new team today. Now getting fired might sound bad, however it occurred only an hour before the Creative Director quit and a couple of days before Co-Lead Designer quit so I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

On the bright side it does mean I am once again an independent code monkey!

01 January 2008

Another years rolls around but if for any reason you want to find out what happened last year (before I was silenced by a couple of NDAs) you can try the 2007 News page.

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