Sunjammer's Rats in the CellarAbout

They say in Ferelden that you are never more than five feet from a rat and I don't mean the Usurper King and the Orlesian vermin at his beck and call. No sir. I'm talking about good old fashioned, plague carrying, furry rodents with a predilection for cheese. Of course I do tend to temper my enthusiasm for the little critters when they happen to get into the inn's cellar and start spoiling the beer. Then there's only one appropriate course of action: kill the little blighters!

But seriously ...

Sunjammer's Rats in the Cellar is a simple module intended to demonstrate how to implement a kill style quest using the Dragon Age plot system and includes:

  • creating, populating and controlling a custom job board placeable
  • activating a team and capturing the "team destroyed" event
  • raising/lowering plot assist markers (the "double v" markders)
  • scripting a basic pre-defined player character
  • scripting plot rewards


The latest versions of the B2B and B2P files are available from the Downloads page in this section.

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