Little Red Riding Hood ReduxAbout

Little Red Riding Hood Redux is an epic tale based on the well-known and well-loved children's fairy story about a girl, a grandmother and a big, bad wolf. It will take the player on a tumultuous journey of dark, heroic fantasy with a bitter-sweet ending that is guaranteed to bring a tear to even the most cynical eye. It also has cake.

But seriously ...

Little Red Riding Hood Redux is the "challenge module" created by Team 5 at the Second Dragon Age Builders Event hosted by BioWare from 8 to 10 July 2009. On the second day of the event the participants were split into teams of three and challenged to create a 10 minute module which had at least 100 words of dialogue and one combat encounter. The teams were given the brief about 1300 on the Thursday and had to be ready to present their modules by 1600 on the Friday. The Team 5 members were nedlbin (aka Markus "Wayne" Schlegel), Stratovarius667 and Sunjammer and this what they managed to come up with!


In December 2009 I was contacted by Quentin Saint-Georges from a french gamer magazine, IG Magazine. During an interview about Dragon Age Mike Laidlaw had made reference to Little Red Riding Hood Redux and so Quentin asked if I could some information and images for the article which appeared in IGM #6!


The latest versions of the both player and builder files are available from the Downloads page in this section.

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