Sunjammer's Late Night in the LibraryAbout

How do you always managed to end up in these impossible situations? It's the last week of the semester and you have a paper due. And not just any paper but an essay for that old curmudgeon Enchanter Braithwaite. Maker curse him and his unwavering adherence to the late submissions policy. There's only one thing for it: sneak down to the library after "lights out"; meet up with Caitlin, a fellow procrastinator; and see if you can cobble something together before dawn.

But seriously

Sunjammer's Late Night in the Library is a simple module intended to demonstrate how to implement a Codex entry using the Dragon Age plot system and includes:

  • creating and maintaining a custom Codex entry
  • using examinable placeables to update a Codex
  • using PLC_CODEX_PLOT and PLC_CODEX_FLAG variables
  • checking the number of main flags set
  • scripting a pre-defined mage player character
  • using main flags in conversations
  • scripting with main flags


The latest versions of the B2B and B2P files are available from the Downloads page in this section.

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