Sunjammer's Joe Versus the BrecillianAbout

There are rumours of a human who lives by himself deep within the Brecilian Forest. Not an apostate as you might think but something far worse: a botanist! And not just any botanist but a botanist on a mission: Joe is resolute on cataloguing every plant in the Brecilian before it is his time to meet the Maker. Unfortunately his mind isn't what it once was and he tends to forget things, such as where he was five minutes ago or even where he is now. Perhaps if you encounter him you might give the crazy old fool a hand.

But seriously ...

Sunjammer's Joe Versus the Brecilian is a simple module intended to demonstrate how to set up and control a non-linear quest using the parent-and-child feature of Dragon Age plot system and includes:

  • creating and managing a parent-and-child relationship between plots
  • configuring items to fire the module's "item acquired" event
  • raising/lowering the plot giver marker (the exclamation marker)
  • raising/lowering plot assist markers (the "double v" markers)
  • using main and defined flags in conversations
  • scripting main and defined flags
  • scripting plot rewards


The latest versions of the B2B and B2P files are available from the Downloads page in this section.

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