Sunjammer's Deep Road CourierAbout

Effective communication has never been more critical than in the turbulent maelstrom of the darkspawn-infested Deep Roads. Fleet-footed runners pick their way though the mayhem to relay messages to and between the Legionnaires. Far below the Frostback Mountains you must risk all and overcome almost insurmountable odds to complete your mission.

But seriously ...

Sunjammer's Deep Roads Courier is a simple module intended to demonstrate how to implement a FedEx style quest using the Dragon Age plot system and includes:

  • raising/lowering the plot giver marker (the exclamation marker)
  • raising/lowering plot assist markers (the "double v" markers)
  • creating and checking for a plot item on the player
  • using main and defined flags in conversations
  • scripting main and defined flags
  • scripting plot rewards


The latest versions of the both B2B and B2P files are available from the Downloads page in this section.

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